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Board by Board Instructions

Board by Board Instructions


I regret to announce there has been a delay in the availability of the Bee Green Greenhouse Book.

The reason is this book will have an additional feature added. This book will also include detailed instructions for building a portable backyard chicken coop and chicken yard.

In addition there are plans being made to create this book in an e-book format.

This will all probably take another month. Please be patient. The end result will be worth it.


Jim Kelley

Bee Green LLC
Assembly Manual
P.O. Box 609
Bolivar, MO. 65613

My wife, while looking over the manuscript and photos, stated to me, “This is so detailed that any one of my girlfriends could build this green house using this manual.”

Step by Step Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

This manual is a true step by step, board by board, instruction manual anyone, including the seasoned carpenter, can benefit from.

For the price of a dinner for two, at a cheap restaurant, $20, you can buy a book that will start your journey to insuring dinner for two for the rest of your life no matter what the future brings.

This assembly manual could be the best Christmas present you could give this year. A present that will give back. Give this book to your significant other and they may give you a green house back in return.

Jim Kelley, Owner – Bee Green LLC and author of this Assembly Manual. (417) 894-4001

Reasons To Own A Greenhouse:

  1. To have more control over your own food supply.
  2. Because world and economic factors may cut off your food supply.
  3. A greenhouse is the best method to extends your growing season. It is possible to grow fresh vegetables year round almost anywhere.
  4. Because government agencies allow things to be introduced into your food supply you wouldn’t want in your food.
  5. Because government agencies can’t catch, in time, things in your food supply that are illegal and get in anyway.
  6. Because health care may become more scarce and expensive. The best preventive insurance for better health is good, nutritious food.
  7. You owe a good food supply to yourself and your family no matter what the future brings.
  8. Whether you build a Bee Green Green House or get another kind, it doesn’t matter. What matters is be as self sufficient as possible with your food supply and a greenhouse is an essential part of any plan and model to do all of that.

Reasons To Own A Bee Green Green House:

  1. The most practical green house there is.
  2. Sturdy unibody construction insures function, stability and longevity. With proper maintenance these greenhouses could last hundreds of years. In case of any damage, replacement parts are easy to obtain locally and in stock.
  3. Full build in floor. Why share your greenhouse space with mice, rats and snakes?
  4. A full built in floor gives a good flat space for storage, walking and a hair to sit in.
  5. A Bee Green Green House is like an outside sun room for you and your plants. This could become the most favorite and enjoyable room at your house.
  6.  Portability. Build build on skid runners a Bee Green Green  House can be pulled from one location to another by a garden tractor. These green houses can also be loaded on a trailer for transport on the road.
  7. Price. Using locally available components saves shipping costs and time. The Baby Bee Green House has a building materials cost of about $1000.
  8. Adaptability. There are three standard sizes of Bee Green Green Houses specifically covered in the assembly Manual. Baby Bee 7′ X 6′, Worker Bee 7′ X 9′ and Queen Bee 7′ X 12′. Because all the components are standard building materials, any size and shape is possible.
  9. The basic covering used is poly-carbonate roofing panels. These can be insulated or not insulated. You choose.
  10. There may be opportunities to become a fresh food supplier for your neighbors when food becomes scarce. Make money!
  11. There are opportunities to become an independent associate Bee Green contractor and make money building these very desirable green houses for others in your area.